Give Your Future the Green Light

Why Choose By Design LED?

We use the best materials and newest technology to optimize the lifespan. Between lower frequency of replacement and less time spent on installation with our LED products, your savings are two-fold!

We customize our bulbs to meet your needs. Whether it’s temperature or lumens, we make sure you get exactly what you need to boost your energy savings, all at competitive prices.

less CO2 emissions after
converting to our LED lighting
in energy savings
compared to traditional lighting
times less kWh wattage used by
installing our LED lighting
in maintenance savings to date
CO2 emissions saved is equal to
gallons of gas consumed for one year

Our products are an important part of LEED Certification.

We have certified and innovative resources for your company.

Flip the Switch on Your Energy Savings

We are more than a point-of-sale provider. We are your partners through consultation, installation, and post-sales savings!

Start with our energy audit and custom product consultation

Choose a customized product to maximize your return on investment

Installation by the people who know the products best

Partners for the future with assistance in monitoring energy consumption


From high bay lights in car dealerships to residential flush mount can lights, these LED lights are built to perform and look amazing as well. As a contractor, I have installed a variety of By Design LED products and each one installs with ease and the light performance is very impressive when you turn them on for the first time. My commercial customers love the money they save by switching to these lights. The customer service and communication are top-notch as well!

-Corey P.,Premier Paint and Construction

Since changing over to LED lighting, the cost savings just in one month have been significant. Our bill used to be $36,000 and now it’s $27,000. We are also saving a lot of manpower hours not having to change lightbulbs as frequently now because these LED lights can last now up to 7-10 years. Those manpower-saving costs are tremendous.

-Robert A., DoubleTree by Hilton

The By Design LED lights we installed completely changed the look of the building from an old outdated storefront to a brand new elegant foyer. We were always pulling the tall ladder out to change bulbs and ballasts and these have been maintenance-free which has allowed us to focus on our business more. The energy savings paid for the makeover and are pure profit to the bottom line now.  David and the By Design LED team were absolutely the best to work with!!

-David G., Escape In Time

We use Philips™
Lumileds for all our
outdoor lighting


LM-79 & LM-80 testing completed which results in much longer lifetime for each type of light


Favorable CRI ratings between 80 and 90


Favorable Power factor ratings between 90 and 95


We use Philips™
Lumileds for all our
outdoor lighting


Dimmability rating with a 0 to 10V capability for all indoor lights


Color temperature options available between
3000 and 5000


We use Philips™
Lumileds for all our
outdoor lighting


We use Philips™
Lumileds for all our
outdoor lighting